​​"Tidying up with Socrates"


​I compare Marie Kondo's KonMari method to the Socratic Elenchus and explain how Thrasymachus could unclutter both his household and his mind with the help of the life coaching team Kondo/Socrates.

Published in:


Philosophy Now, August/September 2019

The Montréal Review, March 2019

Times Union, March 22, 2019

​​"How inclusive and accessible is your statement on inclusion and accessibility?"

​​In this short essay, I propose how we can make the paragraph on our syllabi devoted to inclusion and accessibility in the classroom more inclusive and accessible by tweaking language, tone, and scope.

I am currently working on this opinion piece:

​"If you already know the answer, why are you asking me?"

In this article, I am pitching my "Socratic Team Meeting Approach to the College Classroom." It’s a fusion of management ideas from the business world and interactive pedagogy ideas. I propose that by approaching the classroom as a Socratic team leader and by treating students like valuable team members the teacher can create a more engaging and inclusive learning environment.

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