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​​Tidying up with Socrates

​I compare Marie Kondo's KonMari method to the Socratic Elenchus and explain how Thrasymachus could unclutter both his household and his mind with the help of the life coaching team Kondo/Socrates.

Philosophy Now, August/September 2019

The Montréal Review, March 2019

Times Union, March 22, 2019

​​How Inclusive and Accessible Is Your Statement on Inclusion and Accessibility?

​​In this short essay, I propose how we can make the paragraph in our syllabi devoted to inclusion and accessibility in the classroom more inclusive and accessible by tweaking language, tone, and scope.

Inside Higher Ed, October 2020

The Blog of the APA, November 2020

This article was quoted by Instructional Design and Academic Technology and referenced in Every Learner Everywhere's Caring for Students Playbook.



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